hey i’m lauren! here’s a bit about me…

I recently graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Design and Media Arts. My background began in drawing and painting, progressing into photography and design as my journey through the visual arts continued on.  I began actively pursuing photography in my sophomore year of high school, and have spent the last 7+ years honing in on my personal style.  This love of photography merged with my love of illustration and drawing, and thus, my career in design began!

I love films- my standing favorite for the past year has been The Florida Project. I am also a big fan of my yellow Labrador named Breezy, Indian food, Trader Joes, Pose, mismatched jewelry, Faye Webster and obnoxious colors- my current favorite is hot pink, but this is subject to change every month. I am currently inspired by: Ignant, Evan Cohen, Olivia Bee and my mom.

I'm so happy you stumbled on my page; I hope you like what you see, and I would love to work with you. Contact me, and let's set something up!